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The Bill Rules for the Promotion of Digital Resilience of Businesses (Act on Promoting Digital Resilience of Businesses) has been submitted to make businesses more digitally resilient. The Council of Ministers has agreed to send the bill to the Council of State for advice.

According to the Dutch cabinet, there is a need for a center that “can provide companies and social organizations with information and advice about and offer concrete help and support in improving their cybersecurity and in repelling attacks by hackers”.


Digital Trust Centre

The Digital Trust Center (hereinafter: DTC) was founded in 2017. The DTC's mission is therefore to make companies more resilient to cyber threats. If not, even the survival of a company may be endangered and the Dutch competitive position can be weakened.


Results of CBS

The results of the survey by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) show that digitization has penetrated far into Dutch business, but the digital resilience of companies is not yet a matter of course.

The digital resilience of companies is important for and contributes to the Dutch economy. Resilient companies are generally less likely to fall victim to digital disruptions. For example, companies can take measures by providing training for staff, taking specific IT security measures or measures for business continuity or hiring specialized services. Balanced measures will provide protection against disruptions and attacks. By taking balanced measures, companies and entrepreneurs will be able to return to their regular business operations more quickly in the event of a digital incident, which directly contributes to the earning capacity of the company.


Tasks of Digital Trust Centre

The DTC has two main tasks. Firstly, to provide information and advice not only to vital companies (including financial institutions, energy suppliers, telecom providers), but also to provide targeted information and advice to non-vital businesses about vulnerabilities, threats and incidents. Second, promote business collaboration on digital resilience. The DTC is part of the Digital Economy Directorate (DDE), which falls within the Directorate General Business and Innovation (DGB&I) within the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

The DTC and the National Cyber ​​Security Center (NCSC) are already working closely together to increase digital resilience. For example, the NCSC is and remains responsible for sharing threat and incident information about network and information systems with vital companies and parts of the national government. Partly based on information from the NCSC, the DTC offers non-vital businesses (2 million companies) information and advice about cybersecurity and encourages mutual cooperation.

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