Pursuant to the The Law numbered 7101 on the Amendments in Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law and Certain Laws (“The Law”) which was published in the Official Gazette dated March 15, 2018 and numbered 30361, a change was introduced in the Post Law numbered 6475 so that the Post and Telegraph Organization Corporation (“PTT”) shall mediate for e-Apostille processes and the clause “mediation operations for the conveyance of documents issued apostille to the authorities on the electronic platform on the condition that personal data is protected” is added to the “related operations” article.

As per the above-mentioned article which came into force as of January 1, 2019, the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Interior which are authorized to issue apostilles, shall not have to establish separate systems; instead, through a joint platform which shall be established by the PTT, applications of citizens would be received from one single point on the electronic platform and be transferred to the related institution for validation. Following the creation of the e-Apostille by means of electronic signature verification by the relevant institution, the completed documents and their validation links shall be shared with citizens via PTT e-Apostille system. However, during this process, PTT will undertake the function of not verifying the document coming from the institution, but mediating for the international circulation of e-Apostille issued documents.

Found among the documents that citizens may use with e-Apostille are identity register copy, name equivalency certificate, student document, notarial deeds, warrant of attorney, deed of consent, criminal record certificate, document of appeal, court decisions, divorce decree and foreign bills.

In addition to these, e-Apostille shall take a vital role to realize e-Transformation Project Turkey by enabling the citizens to complete their operations regarding apostille in electronic environment from anywhere in the world in exchange for a certain service fee.

If there is need of any other information about the article, please contact the below stated person.

Ersin Nazalı

Managing Partner, Attorney, CPA

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