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Various financial support measures have been taken for companies that are affected by the new corona measures. These extra support measures from the cabinet involve an amount of approximately 1.3 billion euros and are as follows.

TVL scheme fourth quarter 2021

All entrepreneurs who expect at least a 30% loss of turnover in the fourth quarter of 2021 compared to the fourth quarter of 2019 or the first quarter of 2020, and who also meet the other conditions, can apply for a TVL subsidy as a compensation for their fixed operating expenses. The subsidy is calculated with the loss of turnover, a percentage of fixed costs of the sector and a fixed subsidy percentage of 85%. The cabinet has earmarked an additional 1.2 billion euros for this scheme.

Event support

Until 31 December 2021, entrepreneurs can make use of the Temporary Scheme for Subsidy Events COVID-19 (herinafter referred to as TRSEC) for events prohibited by the government. The subsidy percentage is 100%. The cabinet is earmarking an extra €10 million for this.

For events that do not fall under the TRSEC, entrepreneurs can appeal to the Additional Allowance for Events (ATE). This scheme also has a 100% reimbursement of the costs. The cabinet is earmarking an extra €5 million for this.

Support for the cultural sector

For cultural institutions, the entrepreneur can appeal to the supplementary scheme with the Performing Arts Fund. This arrangement allows a maximum reimbursement of 55% of the tickets of the total regular capacity per show. The cabinet has made an additional € 16.5 million available for this.

Support for the sports sector

No spectators are allowed to be present at sports activities. For professional sports events, the cabinet is making a maximum of €36 million available to compensate for income from ticket sales and to accommodate season ticket holders for the period 13 November to 4 December. A maximum of € 5 million is available for the providers of amateur sports to compensate them for damage suffered during this period.

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