Nazalı offers legal solutions in financial law and its sub-disciplines such as accounting, corporate finance and tax dispute, by its expert and experienced team. Nazalı summarizes its effort with respect to serving healthy growth policies to its clients on the basis of knowledge and law.

Nazalı provides the services in the fields of tax, consultancy, risk analysis and company restructurings. Nazalı’s philosophy is to provide efficient and qualified services to its clients and improve its services constantly with its team which includes certified public accountants, experienced and wise inspectors, public accountants and tax assistants.

In addition to tax and advisory, Nazalı also provides services to their clients within the scope of resolving their problems correctly and precisely and performing their legal obligations that can be occurred in the field of financial law and its other sub-disciplines. In this context, Nazalı’s privileged clients have the opportunity of to be provided all services under one brand; and Nazalı also offers to provide turnkey projects to them.

Today, Nazalı continues to provide services to their clients who are engaged in the fields of textile, construction, terra industry, medical, food, automotive industry, domestic and foreign trade and service industry;  and thanks to its clients, Nazalı is becoming a well-known and preferred brand in business segment in Turkey.