In Brussels, today the treaties have been signed by the Netherlands, France, Belgium and the United Kingdom that enable a faster train journey to London. Agreements have been made on border controls and security. As of this autumn, the passport and security check will be done in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. It is then no longer necessary to leave the train in Brussels. That saves an hour of travel time.

With the signing of the treaties, the Netherlands undertakes, among other things, the obligation to guarantee the security of trains passing through the Channel Tunnel in the Netherlands. The further arrangements are based on the existing security treaty for train services through the Channel Tunnel that was concluded in 1993 between France, the UK and Belgium.

With corona measures eased and more frequent travel, Eurostar will start a daily train between Amsterdam and London on 9 July. Depending on the developments around Corona and thus the number of passengers, the intention is that this train will run twice a day in August, followed in the autumn by a third train a day. In the autumn, the direct trips from Amsterdam to London will start.


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